Briana DeJesus, Randy Houska & More Take Sides in Jenelle\'s \'Teen Mom 2\' Reunion Drama
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Teen Mom 2

Briana DeJesus, Randy Houska & More Take Sides in Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion Drama


The Teen Mom 2 cast is taking sides.

Fans of the show are still going crazy over the rumors that surfaced over the weekend during the Season 8 reunion show taping involving drama caused by Jenelle Evans, her husband, David Eason, and her ex, Nathan Griffith.

And now, fellow cast members are coming forward with their takes on what really went down behind-the-scenes.

In case you need a quick refresher, sources revealed, firstly, that David pulled a knife on set — he allegedly slashed some balloons with a pocketknife at the cast's end-of-year party taping after the bartenders cut him off at the bar.

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A separate report claimed a fight also broke out between Jenelle, her ex, Nathan, and his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, so much so that security had to intervene and production was temporarily halted.

 But Kaiser's dad had his own side of the story to tell: 

Then, of course, there were also claims that Jenelle wasn't getting along with her co-stars, and demanded to stay in an Airbnb away from everything instead of at the same hotel as the other moms.

And though there's been lots of he said/she said here, some cast members are taking it upon themselves to share what really went down.

First is Briana DeJesus, who seems to have gotten close to Jenelle while filming in Los Angeles.

So much so that she's defending her and David, and saying the couple has been nothing but nice to her.

Also chiming in is Randy Houska, Chelsea's dad, who's certainly #TeamNathan in this whole thing.

But if you agree it's weird Papa Randy has added in his two cents, his involvement might be justified...

David, Jenelle's hubby, actually first took jabs at Aubree's grandpa, calling him a "fat ass" on Instagram while clearing up the whole being-denied-beer thing.

Then Randy cleared it up again...

Are you still following?!

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Leah Messer have mostly stayed out of it, sans for these few subtle tweets:

And Kailyn Lowry was told directly by Jenelle before filming to not talk to her or about her after the comments she made about Jenelle last week, so that could explain her silence on the matter — and their leaving Jenelle out of the group pics?

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Can't wait to see the truth when it all unfolds on the show later this season!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.