Jenelle Evans Defends David Over Kaiser Abuse Claims After \'TM2\' Reunion (UPDATE)
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Jenelle Evans Defends David Over Kaiser Abuse Claims After ‘TM2′ Reunion (UPDATE)


UPDATE (11/15/17 at 10:15 a.m. ET):

Abuse rumors are ruminating yet again around Jenelle Evans and David Eason after the couple stormed out of the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion, but Jenelle isn't letting her man take the slack.

The reality star has come to her husband's defense, saying ex Nathan Griffith and his mom Doris's claims that David has laid a hand on her son, Kaiser, have no merit whatsoever.

"I doubt my husband would punch a kid in his face," the 25-year-old tells People.

“For weeks I asked Doris every time Kaiser came home and if there was marks she always got super offensive in texts when I would ask her what happened to my son.”

At the reunion, Doris claimed the toddler told her "David punched me," and also alleged there was drug use going on in the Evans/Eason household.

As a result, she filed for temporary custody of her grandson.

“David is super protective over me and gets very upset if anyone makes me cry,” Jenelle continues.

“So for Dr. Drew to ask me stupid questions about David is ridiculous because the real problem is Nathan here.”

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As for why the couple stormed out after filming?

“David did not want to go back on stage because he has super bad anxiety and doesn’t like Dr. Drew. This isn’t David’s job this is mine,” she concludes. “I came, filmed, did my part, left.”

That she did! For more on the eventful reunion show and Nathan's and Doris's allegations, keep on clicking!

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Original story (11/14/17 at 10:15 a.m. ET):

Last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion was all about Jenelle Evans — remember when she and David left abruptly (with Jace!) because Babs refused to give her her son back?!

And for the Season 8 reunion it’s more of the same, as the newlyweds storm off stage after Jenelle’s first segment when David feels like Dr. Drew Pinsky is trying too hard to push her buttons and make them look bad.

But we’re sure those abuse claims don’t exactly help!

The 25-year-old’s segment begins with the host questioning Jenelle about her wedding, and how she felt not having her mom there.



“I want my son back. I didn't invite her to my wedding... what do you think? I don't have any care in the world how she feels.

"She should care how I feel. It was my wedding... I had no family there, all of David's family was there. The only people that are most important to me are David, my kids and my friends. I do not care about my mom.”

After briefly touching on the allegations that the couple was abusing Jenelle’s middle child, Kaiser, Dr. Drew then asks the mom of three about her husband, and if she realizes how aggressive and controlling he sometimes is towards her.

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“It makes me so upset, everyone tries bashing him. Look at Nathan, he's facing problems for strangling his ex! [David] doesn't make me feel insecure in any way possible.

“I know when he gets aggressive I tell him he's gotta calm down. But they don't show me saying that.”


Meanwhile, David is sitting backstage as we watch his anger intensify.


"[Dr. Drew] is asking everything, to push every button, pull every string, make her upset. I'm not answering any of his questions. If I go out there I'm going to say how I feel about him."

And David does just that, going on-stage during a break and telling Jenelle he’s leaving and he’ll tell her why in the car.


Without asking questions, the Read Between the Lines author follows her husband out as they drive off — despite poor producer Larry’s pleas to stay — at which point Nathan Griffith and, later, his mom, take the stage to talk about those claims that Jenelle and David abuse 3-year-old Kaiser.


"I just think it's a very controlling relationship, especially when I see him overstepping his boundary,” Nathan says of David.

“I will not bring a fiancé into my family and have her discipline my son the way David disciplines him. He grabbed my son by the arm and picked him up when he said ‘feed me.’ It's all chaotic.”


Later, we get an unexpected surprise from Nathan’s mom, Doris, who’s only been on-camera once before. Clearly, she has something to get off her chest.

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"I know my son's a good person, I know he is, and I'm terribly frightened for Kaiser,” she says, holding back tears.

“I've seen abuse, I've seen children go through it. I know the red flags and they're popping up everywhere. I’ve already filed and tried to get temporary custody of [Kaiser]. I believe there is drug abuse going on. I picked up Kaiser at daycare and the first thing he says to me is "Nana, David punched me."


She continues, “when Jenelle started accusing [me of abuse] was after I told her when I started taking pictures of when Kaiser came and when he left. All I want is someone to protect my grandchild. That’s all I care about.”

And Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mom, clearly feels the same way about her grandson, Jace.



In the final minutes of the hour, Dr. Drew has a chat with Babs, who’s in tears as she discusses her non-existent relationship with her daughter.


"Jace has been going to therapy for quite a while now because he's been having a hard time. The [court] said it was detrimental to Jace, his well-being, to live there."

She even goes in on her son-in-law.

"David is the most controlling. They're like two peas in a pod. It's just a bad feeling. But that’s not the point. If that's who she married we'll let her be happy and that's all I wanted. But she hates me so much and I know that. She hates my guts. I've had Jace all these years… if she wants him back why didn't she come a long time ago and get him?"


Babs continues, “I don’t want to hold Jace back from Jenelle but she shouldn’t be doing this. She should at least just talk nicely to me. I'm not allowed to see the new baby Ensley at all. I was told by David if I stepped a foot on the property I'd be arrested."

She concludes, “I love her, you know that. I want a good relationship with Jenelle because of Jace. I miss her.”



Will Jenelle and David return to set? Will Babs ever get the reciprocated love for her daughter that she deserves?!

We think we’ll at least find out the answer to the first question when Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion show airs next Monday, November 20 at 8 p.m ET on MTV!