\'Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 Trailer: Proposals, Pregnancies, & More! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 Trailer: Proposals, Pregnancies, & More! (VIDEO)


Just like with the cast’s pregnancies as of late, when one season of Teen Mom ends another one begins.

And luckily, though Teen Mom OG Season 6B is officially a thing of the past, the four mamas of Teen Mom 2 — plus newbie Briana DeJesus! — are back for another go-round in just a few weeks.

And we’ve got your first look at the brand spankin’ new season!

MTV released the trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 8 during tonight’s 90-minute TMOG finale, which gives us a solid glimpse at what to expect from the coming episodes.

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Obviously the biggest news is a fifth gal is joining the cast for the first time ever, something the network finally confirmed on June 5, and said newbie Briana is bringing with her a truck full of baby daddy baggage.

In addition to struggling with co-parenting with 5-year-old Nova’s dad, Devoin Austin — if you can even call it co-parenting, TBH — she also gets some major news about her second daughter’s father, Luis — he’s been cheating on her throughout the majority of her pregnancy!

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Speaking of baby daddy drama we also have Kailyn Lowry, whose unexpected third pregnancy with what MTV deems her “on-again-off-again boyfriend” (aka Chris Lopez) curtails her plans to earn her bachelor’s degree from Delaware State University.

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And here’s something we didn’t see coming — Kailyn is not only battling it out in court with Lincoln’s dad, Javi Marroquin, but will also face Jo Rivera, who’s now suddenly fighting for 50-50 custody of Isaac!

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Jenelle Evans, though happily engaged and now a mother of three, will also spend some time in the courtroom this season when she finally gets before a judge to revisit custody of Jace with her mom, Barbara.

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As we know, the hearing didn’t totally go in Jenelle’s favor, but she did end up winning more visitation with her son, so we’re getting somewhere.

Chelsea Houska is settling into life with two kiddos, but of course, we can rely on her ex Adam Lind — who will reportedly only be talked about, yet not appear on-camera — to cause drama in the DeBoer family dynamic.

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And lastly we have Leah Messer, who’s now enrolled in college and finding it hard to juggle school with being a single mom to three little girls.

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And there will certainly be baby daddy drama with both dads Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, because is it really Teen Mom 2 if there isn’t?!

Watch the full TM2 Season 8 trailer below, and stay tuned to Wetpaint for more on the brand new season!

Teen Mom 2 premieres Monday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.