Aubree Asks Adam Why He Ditched Her Dance in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek
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Teen Mom 2

Aubree Asks Adam Why He Ditched Her Dance in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek


The main lingering question of the May 23 episode of Teen Mom 2 was “Why did Adam Lind stand Aubree up at her father/daughter dance?”

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Seriously, we want answers just as much as Chelsea Houska does. And in this preview clip for Season 7 Episode 11, Aubree asks her dad point blank why he was a no show at her school function.

“Why didn’t you come to the father/daugher dance?,” a proud Aubree asks her dad after he wins a local deadlift and benchpress championship.

“Cause I had to do this,” he says. Hey, we hope that first place trophy was worth it.

But Adam tells the little girl he’ll make up for it by coming to school to eat lunch with her one day. She’s happy with the compromise, but we have a feeling Chelsea won’t be!

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Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry has a heart-to-heart with Jo Rivera about trying to improve their relationship, and it seems like they’re both in agreement that a deployed Javi is getting in the way:


In other stepparent drama, Leah Messer gets a text from Corey Simms’s wife, Miranda, after that “disturbing video” in which she doesn’t help disabled Ali hold her backpack, and Miranda goes on the defensive, to put it mildly.

And Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans have yet another argument, this time about how Jenelle is never around for Jace’s important school functions and events. It’s always something with those two.

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