Credit: Instagram

Javi Marroquin is gearing up for his wedding to Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry (T-minus just a few more days, y'all!), so naturally he decided to get a brand new tattoo. Because who doesn't want to sport painful, peeling skin while they're chillin' at the altar?

Javi already has a giant robotic sleeve on his arm (which he got at Kailyn's favorite tattoo parlor, Sink Ink Studios), but apparently it was lacking a little sumthin' sumthin'. Like a shout out to his relationship with Kailyn!

Credit: Instagram

The newest addition to Javi's epic arm tat is none other than a clock, which features the big hand pointing to 10, and the little hand pointing to five. What does it all mean, Javi?!

"1005 is the day we met," he explained while our hearts melted into a pile of goo.

We can't even with how adorable Javi and Kailyn are together. And by the way, this isn't their first relationship-themed tattoo. This happy couple also have matching infinity signs etched on their bods because they love each other "to infinity and beyond."

We'll give you a minute to sob uncontrollably. So cute. Though unfortunately, Javi's newest ink is causing him some discomfort. "Wow could not sleep at all last night cause of this tattoo," he tweeted. "Worst pain I've ever felt. Felt like the inside of my arm was on fire."

No pain, no gain, Javi. No pain, no gain.