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Hands up if you're over-the-moon excited about Kailyn Lowry's forthcoming bundle of joy? This glamorous Teen Mom 2 star is about eight months pregnant (give or take) with her second child, and she and her husband, Javi Marroquin, couldn't be more thrilled.

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Kailyn is infamously private about her family life, and only recently confirmed her pregnancy (despite the fact that there are only a few months left), but thanks to the power of fan photos we know just how adorable her baby bump is. Check out this recent pic of Kailyn posing with a few fans at the beach — possibly in her new home state of Delaware. She looks positively glowing, and her stomach is huge!

That being said, it doesn't look like Kailyn's gained very much weight during this pregnancy, which means she'll have no trouble getting back into shape once she gives birth. And speaking of giving birth, thank goodness homegirl's water didn't break as she walked down the aisle during her second wedding this past weekend!

Kailyn still doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl, but we're definitely rooting for a little lady. This gal needs some estrogen in the house to balance out all the dudes! As she reminded fans, even her turtle is a boy!

Source: Facebook / Twitter