Credit: Twitter

Stop everything you're doing (piercing a dermal into your thumb skin, we assume) and get a load of this. The disgruntled jail bird commonly known as Courtland Rogers (aka Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans's wayward husband) has a new lady on his arm and all we can say is OMG. We thought no one could be more beautiful than our girl Jenelley, but this noobie is definitely giving girlfriend a run for her money!

Credit: Twitter

Meet Samantha Ferrell, a gorgeous 29-year-old from Wilmington, North Carolina. Sure, Samantha is slightly out of Courtland's league (let's not forget that dude was covered in scabies sitting in a jail cell just a few months ago), but these two have more in common than you might think. Much like Courtland, Samantha is a single parent and she has an adorable son named Camden Isaiah!

Samantha's already generated some Twitter controversy thanks to the fact that she works as a gentleman's club dancer, but she has nothing to be ashamed of!

"It's as real as it gets," Samantha tweeted in her defense, adding, "It puts real money in my hands, which puts real food in my sons mouth. Lol I'm perfectly fine and happy with my life. No insecurities over here."

Looks like Courtland's hit the jackpot, and he seems genuinely smitten.

"For the record I have a girlfriend which I care a LOTTTTT about that is one of my BIGGEST supporters and she is BEAUTIFUL," he tweeted on October 3.

This dude has definitely moved on from Jenelle despite the fact that they're still married, but no worries! Jenelley has a new man of her own, professional MMA fighter Nathan Griffith!