Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry knows better than anyone what it's like to struggle. This gorgeous gal got pregnant at the age of 16 and raised her son, Isaac, all on her lonesome, and she's worked multiple jobs to support her little man. Well, y'all, it looks like her hard work has majorly paid off!

Credit: Instagram

These days, Kailyn's married to her hunky Air Man hubby, Javi Marroquin, who works at the Dover Air Force Base. While we're not exactly sure how much money Javi makes, but he and Kailyn are mostdefinitely living the fab life. Not only did they just buy a brand new house in Delaware (congrats, guys!), they threw themselves an extremely expensive wedding in New Jersey, and now Javi's driving around in a Mercedes Benz!

Fans know about Javi's flashy wheels thanks to the fact that he posted a picture of his favorite albums to Instagram (really, Javs? Bangerz?), and the Mercedes steering wheel logo is visible in the background.

We're slightly surprised that boyfriend is driving such a fancy car, especially considering that he and Kailyn have a baby on the way! Mercedes start at about $30K — but before you fly into a panic about how Kailyn and Javi are spending their money, keep in mind that Javi's car could be used or even leased. Either way, he's driving some pretty sweet wheels!

Source: Instagram