Credit: Instagram

Time for a Teen Mom makeover, y'all! That's right, the professional heartbreaker known as Jenelle Evans just got her salon-on, and the results are nothing short of amazing. This small town girl's hair has been dyed all the colors of the rainbow (including a terrifying shade of "skin tone"), but the latest? Dark brown with red highlights, a gorgeous look that's perfect for autumn!

Credit: Instagram

Jenelle showed off her sexy new hair on Instagram with a simple selfie of her tresses cascading down her face. The caption? "No filter... I LOVE MY HAIR!"

We're right there with you, girl! Jenelle's locks of love look better than ever — in fact, maybe we'll dunk our own heads into some red dye. Sure, we usually think homegirl looks best as a straight-up brunette, but these subtle red highlights are a dream come true. And bonus — they're vaguely Halloween colored, which means Jenelle will look totally spooky wandering around the swamps of North Carolina on October 31.

Do you love Jenelle's fiery red streaks, or do you think she looked better as a brunette? Or maybe you're one of those renegade few who liked Jenelle as a blonde? Hit the comments and tell us what you think! Either way, one thing's for sure: this super star looks drop-dead gorgeous no matter what color her locks are — though we live in hope that her hair feather phase is over.

We know you love Ke$ha, but girl. Feathers belong on birds and in pillows.

Source: Instagram