Credit: Facebook

West Virginia's resident mountain mama, Leah Messer, has so much to be excited about. Her purple highlights, her love for cheesepuffs, hay bales, and most importantly, her kiddos. Leah is the proud parent of three daughters (#blessed), and her newest bundle of joy, Addalynn, just popped out her first chomper!

This miniature Southern belle is about eight months old, and it's high time she started teething. Sure, it's a horrible process full of screaming, drooling, and dissatisfied gurgling — but hey, at the end of the day your baby looks cuter than ever!

"Addies first tooth came through!!!" Leah tweeted on October 20. "She went through so much for that darn tooth! So happy for her!! #ProudMommy."

Awww, Addalynn is such a trooper! Here's to hoping that the rest of this little girl's teeth come in without a problem, and that Leah's hubby, Jeremy Calvert, will be home in time to see them grow! Lest you forget, this dude is working in Roswell, New Mexico (alien capital of the world), and who knows how long he'll be apart from his leading ladies?

Can you believe how fast Addie is growing up? Sigh, kids these days!