Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer's kids are all grown up! And you know what that means … time to get them a few plastic guns so they can play a classic game of Coon Hunter vs. Coon. Or the even more classic game of Hillbilly vs. Bottle of Moonshine. Yep, Leah's twin girls, Aleeah and Aliannah, love nothing more than romping through the hill towns with their plastic guns in tow, and Aleeah recently brought hers to cheer practice!

Credit: Twitter

"I really have no clue to why she wanted to take her gun," Leah tweeted along with a photo of Aleeah prancing around dressed as Rapunzel. "#lilredneck."

OK, first of all, Aleeah is completely adorable. We can't even handle her cuteness. But how do y'all feel about this "lil red neck" playing with a toy gun? These plastic weapons have gone somewhat out of vogue thanks to a series of school shootings in the past decade, and many parents don't want their children thinking that guns are toys. While Aleeah's faux-weapon does have a little red cap on it (which makes it easy to identify as a fake), some folks might be concerned that she wouldn't know the difference between a real gun and her toy gun.

We're not sure whether Leah's family are gun-owners, but we assume this Teen Mom 2 starlet has taught her daughters about gun safety, as well as they key differences between their toys and a legit firearm.

Are you surprised that Leah lets her kiddos play with fake guns, or do you think it's irresponsible — especially in West Virginia, where 55.4 percent of the population own guns as of 2001?