Credit: Twitter/Instagram

Looks like we can pop those champagne corks and sip on some bubbly, because Teen Mom 2 is almost certainly coming back for a fifth season, friends! While The MTV Powers That Be still haven't confirmed the news, no one can deny the fact that Season 4 hardly felt final (we have so many unanswered questions!) and let's not forget that a few of the show's stars have already posted cryptic tweets about filming.

The latest Teen Mom 2 starlet to hint at a fifth season is none other than frequent jail bird slash tattoo addict Jenelle Evans, who tweeted "Off for a VO session. Here we go again! Lol."

While Jenelle doesn't mention the Teen Mom franchise by name, it seems pretty obvious that she's doing the standard voice over work for the show that made her a household name. And since voice over work is generally recorded once a season is edited, it stands to reason that filming has wrapped up for the ladies of Teen Mom 2!

No word yet as to when the next season might air (MTV still has to confirm it, after all), but we'll be waiting with bated breath. No, seriously, it's likely that we'll just sit at home deep-breathing into a brown paper bag until Teen Mom 2 comes back and we once again have a reason to wake up in the morning.

Are you excited by the prospect of MTV gifting the world with another season of Teen Mom 2? Head to the comments and tell us if you'll tune in, or if you'll give the season a miss.