Credit: Twitter

It's been a couple of months since Teen Mom 2 sidekick Taylor Halbur popped out her adorable baby daughter, Paislee Mae, and girlfriend has gone through all kinds of big changes since delivering her bundle of joy. And we're not just talking about her newly highlighted hair!

Credit: Twitter

Taylor has had her hands full with sleepless nights and a nonstop work schedule, and she's also been dealing with her fraught relationship with baby daddy Adam Lind — aka Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska's ex!

Taylor and Adam called it quits shortly after Paislee was born and then promptly got back together — but are they still lucky in love? You know it! After a rocky few months, Taylor and Adam are more infatuated than ever, and Taylor even took it to Twitter to post an adorable throwback photo of herself and her man snuggling up a storm.

Is anyone else breathing a huge sigh of relief? Adam doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to not ditching his baby mamas (see: every single season of Teen Mom 2), so we're happy to report that he's staying by Taylor's side through thick and thin. Baby Paislee needs a father in her life who's there 24/7 — not someone who walks in and out whenever he feels like it!

Do you think Adam and Taylor will make it for the long haul, or do you secretly hope he and Chelsea give their relationship another chance? Hit the comments!