Credit: Twitter/Instagram

We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink — excuse the pun — discussing Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s extensive back tattoos in the past. And with all of the photos of her body art that have been posted on the reality star’s social media accounts, we were under the impression that Kail was happy with how they came out. But according to a recent tweet from her, that’s not exactly the case.

The mother of two has a nature-themed mural from her neck down to her lower back, a collection of flowers, waterfalls, mountains, and trees, that she’s called a “paradise” scene. But on Twitter, Kailyn is now hinting that she’s looking to update these tats sometime soon:

“Proud to say Jesse is my tattoo artist. Can't wait until he fixes my back! @sickinkstudios,” she posted.

Though we’re not exactly sure what specifically will be changed, it seems like she’s in good hands. The photo accompanying the tweet is that of another client of her tattoo artist, and the before and after body art fix is quite impressive!

It’s not a big surprise to us that Kailyn would already be sick of her ink. She may be a wife and mother of two, but the former teen mom is still only 21 years old. People change their minds a lot in their teens and early twenties, so it’s to be expected. We might suggest that Kailyn go a little smaller next time she makes a major ink choice — tattoo removal is painful!

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