Credit: Instagram

We’re still mourning the loss of Teen Mom 3 after MTV cancelled the third edition of the long-running show over the weekend, so we’d really like to get our weekly dose of young mama drama elsewhere. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting that from a Jenelle Evans spin-off anytime soon.

After rumors began spreading that Jenelle will headline her own reality series and that boyfriend Nathan Griffith may be heading to prison, the star took to her Twitter to set the record straight.

There's no spin-off with me and @GroundLevelUp isn't going to jail,” she tweeted.

Aw man! Though we’re happy for Nathan that he’s steering clear of the clink, we thought we might have a new favorite show to add to our DVR. It looks like we’ll just have to make do with Catelynn and Tyler’s one-off special, which just wrapped.

Hopefully, Jenelle will reconsider doing a spin-off for MTV in the near future — she still has so much of her story to tell! And we’ll always be here to tune in when she does.

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