Credit: Twitter

There's a lot of pressure for new moms to drop their post-pregnancy weight in record time (thanks for nothing, Kate Middleton), but some women shed pounds without even trying! Clearly, we're talking about Taylor Halbur — the current girlfriend and baby mama of Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind.

Credit: Twitter

Unlike Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson, Taylor didn't have to go on some crazy-extreme diet or take up permanent residence at the gym after popping out her daughter, Paislee Mae. This gorgeous gal went into labor on September 3, and by the end of that same month she was basically back to her old, flaw-free self.

So, how does Taylor look three months post-labor? Drop dead gorgeous. Tay shared a selfie on Twitter with the simple caption "feelin good," and in said selfie she's sporting a completely flat stomach with nary an ounce of baby fat. Sigh, some women have all the luck…

Taylor should definitely be proud of her body, and she's an inspiration for new moms who want to drop unwanted weight. But keep in mind that all body types are gorgeous! To quote Kailyn Lowry's life motto, beauty is sizeless. Which is why our left hand is currently immersed in a bucket of popcorn.

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