Credit: Instagram

Is this a new, improved Adam Lind we’re seeing? The Teen Mom 2 baby daddy to Chelsea Houska’s precious daughter Aubree seems more focused on his role of father these days, and we have to admit, we’re relieved.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram

After Adam’s current girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, gave birth to his second daughter, Paislee Mae, in September, we were concerned that Adam might not be able to stand up like a man and stick around for his new family. But so far, so good!

The most recent evidence? Taylor’s aww-inspiring Instagram post of the shirtless new daddy cuddling with his 3-month-old baby girl. Paislee looks so happy to be in her father’s arms and Adam’s clear adoration of the infant is almost too much to handle. For a second, we can almost forgive him for all of his past wrongdoings against Chelsea! Almost.

Adam’s newfound paternal instincts aren’t limited to his youngest, either. According to the new trailer for Teen Mom 2 — is it January 21 yet? — Adam may also be attempting to gain full custody of Aubree. While we applaud Adam for finally wanting to remain active in his daughter’s life, we can’t condone fully removing custody from her mother. Learn to share, people!

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