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If you thought Teen Mom 2's resident bad boy Adam Lind turned over a new leaf when baby Paislee was born, think again. According to our girl Chelsea Houska, who recently sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment for an exclusive chat, her tattoo-loving ex is still nothing but trouble. And those adorable pics you see of him and girlfriend Taylor Halbur bonding with Aubree and Paislee? Chelsea says they're only for show.

"No [he hasn't turned over a new leaf]. They know that you guys are gonna go off of what they post on the internet," she dished at Teen Mom 2's Season 5 press day in New York City. "I know the back story, I know what's really going on, and it's not as good as you think. I read these articles and I'm like, if you guys only knew!"

Adam's been a rather controversial member of the MTV family ever since Chelsea's episode of 16 and Pregnant back in 2010, and his reputation only got worse when he was caught driving his motorcycle under the influence in 2012 — his second of three DUI arrests. Adam served a 90-day work release jail sentence this past spring, just a few months before Taylor gave birth to their new baby girl.

Despite the happy pics of Taylor and Adam floating around on Instagram, Chelsea insists things aren't what they seem.

"Him and Taylor, off and on," she revealed. "When they do see Aubree they're going to take a bunch of pictures and they're going to post them because they want people think that's how it is."

According to Chelsea, we'll get to see Adam's true colors come out during Season 5 as he fights for more visitation rights of baby Aubree. Chelsea also let it slip that there could even be some light flirting that happens between her and Adam this season. "There's a little tension," she teases. Girl … no. Just no.

Teen Mom 2 Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, January 21 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Will you tune in?