Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, Episode 3 (February 4, 2014)

Credit: MTV

Much like oil and water, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind don't mix. In fact, they're totally gross together. However, these former lovebirds had a rare chance to hang out at Aubree's preschool orientation during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, and you better believe they got their flirt on. You know, despite the fact that a) Adam wasn't wearing a shirt with sleeves (to quote: "I don't give a f— what I wear"), and b) Adam's girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, was most definitely pregnant with his love child at the time.

After sizing each other up at preschool, Chelsea and Adam totally had an adorable faux-argument by some giant mountain masquerading as a truck (Adam's car? WHO KNOWS), and they even shook hands before saying buh-bye! Which prompted Chelsea to say the most amazing thing ever: "Your hand is disgusting."

See guys? Adorable … in, like, a weird iffy way.

Chelsea definitely knew that she and Adam had major sexual tension, but here's to hoping that she eventually realizes that Adam is not the right man for her — dude can't even handle wearing real clothing! And don't even get us started on his facial hair situation. It's almost as if he's allergic to razors.

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