If there's one thing we've learned from sobbing over jewelry commercials, it's that Every Kiss Begins with Kay. So you can imagine our excitement when Teen Mom 2 star Taylor Halbur took it to Instagram and showed off the gigantic diamond rock that her baby daddy, Adam Lind (aka Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend), gave her for Valentine's Day!

"Early Valentines Day present," Taylor posted along with the blinding photo. "#oneluckywoman #ilovehim."

We know what you're thinking, and we're right there with you: Are Taylor and Adam engaged? Though this pretty piece of bling definitely looks like it's made for Taylor's ring finger, she has yet to confirm that she and Adam are planning a wedding! Plus, anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 knows that Adam has a habit of gifting his baby mamas promise rings, so this could just be a generous token of his affection.

So, how much did Taylor's Valentine's Day gift set Adam back? From what we can tell, this is Kay's 14K white gold and diamond solitaire engagement ring, which costs a cool $999.99. Wow, way to treat your lady right, Adam!

Clearly, this infamous dude has learned a few things about how to be an amazing baby daddy/boyfriend, and we can't wait to find out if there's a wedding in the works. What do you think of Taylor's sparkly new gift? Is just a generous Valentine's Day present, or are Adam and Taylor engaged?!