We've been savoring every moment of Teen Mom 2's fifth season like a delicious glass of Franzia. This season is completely amazing in every way, from the drama to the love connections, to Leah Messer's multi-colored hair. But one thing that's stuck out in many fans' minds is Kailyn Lowry's seemingly bad attitude.

This blonde bombshell is a total sweetheart, an amazing mom, and one of our favorite members of MTV's whack pack, but there's no denying that she's been a bit snarky this season. And who can blame her — she was heavily pregnant while filming!

However, Kailyn got called out by a fan for being slightly hypocritical after posting the following tweet "If you don't treat your significant other with love & respect all year then I don't want read your Valentine's Day bullsh––."

The fan's complaint? That Kailyn doesn't necessarily treat Javi with love and respect 24/7 — especially during Teen Mom 2's current season. Fair enough, but Kailyn had a few things to say in her defense.

"Yeah, just so happens that I have an attitude while filming," she tweeted. "The cameras never get on my nerves or anything. #sarcasm."

It's totally understandable that Kailyn is a little tense when there are cameras in her face, and it's also understandable that she isn't in a great mood 100 percent of the time. Who is? Lord knows we get snarky when someone dares to erase Teen Mom 2 from our DVR.

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