Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, Episode 5 (February 18, 2014)

In the words of living legend Randy Newman, Chelsea Houska loves L.A.! No one can argue that this Teen Mom 2 star isn't a seriously hard working woman (those French Bulldogs don't take care of themselves), and this week on Teen Mom 2 Chelsea and her BFF Megan ditched their responsibilities in exchange for sunny Los Angeles.

Their mission? To find Bradley Cooper. Oh, and to celebrate Chelsea's birthday.

Taking a trip to the City of Angels was a great chance for Chelsea to take a break from thinking about Adam and his forthcoming love child, and her trip basically consisted of shopping for extremely unfortunate oversized shirts on the beach, attempting to rollerblade (and failing miserably), and being generally amazing while wearing sunglasses.

So, what was Adam getting up to while Chelsea roamed around L.A. and dreamed of Californication? This dude was busy waiting for his baby mama, Taylor, to pop out their baby — but not too busy to discuss his plan to take Chelsea to court for visitation with their daughter, Aubree. Sigh, we've heard that before (and don't see it happening anytime soon), but it was great to hear Adam saying that he wants to be more present in Aubree's life.

In other news, does anyone else think that Chelsea and Megan are slowly morphing into one another? Their hair is the exact same shade of red, they have the same voice, and at this point we have trouble telling them apart. What. Is. Happening