Credit: MTV

The ladies of Teen Mom 2 have come so far! Gone are the days when these girls were contracting weird swamp diseases in the backwoods, making terrible decisions and clinging to their baby daddies. Now they're mature adults and deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Obviously, we're talking about Kailyn Lowry in particular, who has grown up before our very eyes and was busy planning her wedding/moving house this week on Teen Mom 2!

Wedding planning is usually a bride's reason for living and breathing, but Kailyn had a lot going on in her life at the time. Not only was this girl heavily pregnant while preparing for her nuptials, she was in the middle of an under-the-radar move to Delaware into her brand new house!

This should have been a thrilling process, but keep in mind that Kailyn was moving without telling her baby daddy, Jo Rivera, about her plans. Imagine how stressed she was! So, why didn't Kailyn tell Jo about her move? The simple answer is that he was fighting tooth and nail for her to stay in Pennsylvania with their son Isaac — despite the fact that he had already moved out of state to New Jersey. Talk about a double standard!

It doesn't look like Kailyn did anything wrong by moving Isaac to Delaware without telling her sexy exy (after all, the judge hadn't made a decision yet), but Jo might have reason to be upset.

Sure, Kailyn has the right to move out of state considering that Jo shacked up in New Jersey, but do you think this dude also has the right to know where his kiddo is living? Head to the comments and dish.