Credit: MTV

Did anyone else notice that Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind were more than a little flirty during Aubree's birthday on Teen Mom 2? These two could barely keep their eyes off each other, which was kind of strange considering that a) Adam's baby mama, Taylor Halbur, had just popped out a baby, and b) Adam drives Chelsea completely insane.

Sure, there was plenty of sexual tension between Adam and Chelsea during this week's Teen Mom 2, but despite the chemistry, Chelsea was vaguely annoyed with her ex. You might remember Adam trying to "steal" Aubree away on her birthday, which Chelsea thinks was extremely unfair to both herself and her kiddo!

"It pisses me off because he says 'come with me' when he knew she couldn't. I feel like he tries to make me the bad guy," Chelsea said during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after show. "What the hell, why are you doing that?!"

Chelsea worries Aubree will view her as less fun than Adam because she has to be a "disciplinarian," but ultimately girlfriend knows their bond is super strong.

"I mean, I would rather be like how I am, because that's being a parent," she said. "Who does she [Aubree] want when she's sad? Me. Who does she want when she's hurt? That's me again."

It's understandable that Chelsea's a bit jealous of Aubree's relationship with her dad, but there's no denying that Chelsea is this little lady's MVP. Aubree and Chelsea's bond is forever, and while Aubs has a great relationship with Adam, nothing comes close to her love for Chelsea!

Source: MTV