Recap of Teen Mom Season 5, Episode 6 (February 25, 2013)

Pregnancy should be a magical time full of sexy cankles, sexy stretch marks, and way too much ice cream, but it was nothing but stressful for our girl Kailyn Lowry. This week on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn once again had to deal with the unrealistic demands of her baby daddy, rapping sensation Jo Rivera, who was majorly peeved that Kailyn was trying to move out of state to Delaware.

Turns out Jo wanted to broker more time with his son, Isaac, in exchange for letting Kailyn move, and they had to go to court with their lawyers since they couldn't come to an agreement themselves. Sigh! Ironically, the judge presiding over their case agreed to nine overnights a month in exchange for letting Kailyn move — which is what this gal tried to get Jo on board with in the first place. Pshhhh, this dude.

Luckily, Jo didn't harbor any hard feelings toward Kailyn about the compromise, and seemed pretty calm and collected during their meet n' greet in the parking lot of Ross. Way to keep it classy, guys! While it's too bad that Kailyn had to give up more time with Isaac, it's great that he gets to spend even more days per month with his dad, and it's straight-up fabulous that Kailyn and Javi can legally live in Delaware!

So, what is Javi and Kailyn's new custody agreement? Jo gets Isaac Wednesday through Sunday during the first week of the month, he doesn't get Isaac at all during the second week, he gets Isaac Tuesday through Sunday during the third week, and doesn't get him at all during week four.

Sounds pretty reasonable to us, but hit the comments and tell us what you think.