Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has been on a fitness kick since November, and judging from how flawless she looks lately, girlfriend is getting the results she wants! Kailyn packed on quite a bit of weight during her second pregnancy, and nowadays she's all about shedding pounds and getting fit for swimsuit season! Not only is Kailyn breastfeeding (which burns hundreds of calories a day), she's eating well, working out on the regular, and even doing a cleanse!

Now, before you clutch your pearls in horror at the thought of a breastfeeding mom reducing her calorie intake to some squeezed lemons and a splash of cayenne pepper, keep in mind that Kailyn knows what's up when it comes to what her body can handle while nursing. This girl's cleanse is going to incorporate all kinds of juices –– not just lemons, cucumber, and grapefruit!

"Best juicers?! Ready! Go!" Kailyn tweeted to her fans, who suggested that she might be better off blending in order to keep healthy nutrients from fruits and veggies. "I'm doing a cleanse first and then I will blend!!" she responded. "Thank you!!!"

See, guys? Girlfriend knows what's up. We can't wait to find out how Kailyn's foray into juicing goes, and speaking of which, we are also on a cleanse. In which we only eat pizza, obviously.