Credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry's wedding to Javi Marroquin was basically the highlight of Teen Mom 2's fifth season, and we need more. Unfortunately, this happy couple's nuptials only took up about a quarter of the episode, which means we missed out on most of their reception. Unacceptable. But the good news? MTV gifted fans with an unseen bonus clip of Javi and Kailyn's emotionally charged rehearsal!

In the clip below, Kailyn and Javi practice walking down the aisle in preparation for their big day, and it's a wonder to behold. Not just because Javi is wearing a tank top for the entire interaction, but because he utters the sentence "tears are gonna go everywhere." Amen to that Javi, we pretty much wept our way through the entire ceremony.

Of course, Kailyn and Javi also made time for some real talk post-rehearsal, and discussed how Isaac might pee himself during the wedding. No judgement here, buddy. Luckily, Kailyn and Javi decided to have Isaac wear pull-ups for the event, which he was slightly traumatized by.

Here's hoping that MTV will release a few more videos from Kailyn and Javi's dream wedding. We need footage of their reception and we need it, like, yesterday.

What did you think of their emotional wedding rehearsal? Weigh in below!

Source: MTV