Chelsea Houska Receives a Notice of Hearing from Adam Lind on Teen Mom 2 (VIDEO) — Exclusive

Credit: MTV

It’s the saga that never ends! Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska thought she was in the clear regarding the custody battle over her daughter, Aubree, but in tomorrow’s all-new Teen Mom 2 episode, Adam Lind reminds her that it is far from over.

In this exclusive clip from MTV, Chelsea opens up a formal court notice from the Lincoln County Courthouse citing that the plaintiff (aka Mr. Lind) is requesting the audience of Chelsea due to her objection of the parenting time guidelines. Thankfully, Chelsea has the good nature to call up Papa Randy to get some sage advice from the all-knowing dentist.

“I kind of thought this went away because it had been so long,” Chelsea says to her father. “I know, I kinda was thinking that too,” replies Randy. Looks like they were both wrong in assuming Adam would let this all slide.

As for the next steps, good ole Randy urges Chelsea to seek legal counsel, but also gives Chelsea some positive reinforcements citing that she has a lot to go with in court against Adam. “You’ve been raising [Aubree] all by yourself. He’s been in and out of her life, in and out of jail, in and out of everything else,” assures Randy. For a refresher, Adam has a hefty amount of DUIs under his belt and a history of flakey behavior. Not OK, Adam!

Despite this being a headache for both parents, Chelsea is very much concerned about protecting their daughter from learning about any of the custody issues. “I definitely don’t want Aubree to know anything about this because she doesn’t understand,” she says, “but it’s hard because it stresses me out and it makes me sad.” Hopefully these two will come to a mutual agreement all for the sake of little Aubs!

Be sure to catch a new episode of Teen Mom 2 tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

What do you think of Chelsea’s custody battle with Adam? Sound off below!

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