Teen Mom 3 Trailer Revealed — Watch It Here! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 3 Trailer Revealed — Watch It Here! (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 3's trailer is officially upon us, and it's essentially two full minutes of ugly-crying, pretty-crying, feelings, emotions, even more feelings, and people face planting into pizza (“people” being us). We've analyzed every moment of content and come up with clues about what to expect from Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager and Briana Dejesus when Teen Mom 3 premieres Monday, August 26!

Alexandria: Looks like our girl Alex will spend most of the season arguing with her deadbeat baby daddy, Matt McCann. Not only do we see Alex working three jobs to support her daughter, she accuses Matt of being on drugs and says he isn't allowed to be around their kiddo. Drama! Oh, and not only is Matt's drug overdose caught on camera, there's a charming scene in which he asks Alex to hit him. We're so worried.

Mackenzie: Mackenzie's life has always seemed pretty perfect (hunky boyfriend? Check! Tons of horse friends? Double check!), but apparently not so much. This season, we'll see Mackenzie and Josh struggle with their relationship, and in the preview he says "I don't care what happens to us!" It also looks like Mackenzie's parents are slightly disappointed in their gal's life choices — her mom even says "I had bigger hopes for you." Dang.

Briana: Briana is diving into a sea of dramz this season, all thanks to her baby daddy, Devoin. This dude has serious issues when it comes to his parenting skills (or lack thereof), and it looks like Bri will spend much of the season screaming things like "stop acting like you wanna be a father when you don't!" and feeling like a huge burden to her mom and sister. The good news? Her hair looks amazing.

Katie: This gal's preview clips might be the most OMG-inducing of them all. First we see Katie's baby daddy, Joey, pop the question with a gorgeous diamond ring, but two seconds later she's sobbing about how he doesn't love her (quote: "why do you hate me so much?!"). To add insult to injury, he's threatening to take their child away. Clearly these two will face their fair share of turmoil this season mostly due to hurtful comments from Joey like "get the f — out of my life and do it fast." Yikes.

In the words of Jessie Spano, we're so excited, we're so excited, we’re so … scared!

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