Credit: Instagram Photo: It’s Mackenzie Douthit’s Fiancé Josh McKee!

Halloween is almost upon us, which means the Teen Mom ladies and their babies are gearing up for a night full of tricks, treats, and completely adorable costumes. We expect most of these starlets to deck themselves out in matching costumes with their kiddos (except for Farrah Abraham, who will probably just wander around in a bikini while Sophia side-eyes her), but let's not forget that some of the Teen Mom stars are pregnant.

Both Kailyn Lowry and Mackenzie Douthit are baking buns in their oven, and the Halloween possibilities are endless. While we fully expect Kailyn to dress up as a giant Scentsy candle, it looks like Mackenzie wants to paint her baby bump like a pumpkin in celebration of the spookiest night of the year! 

Credit: Instagram

"Someone paint my tummy as a pumpkin for Halloween," Mackenzie tweeted on October 7.

Cutest. Costume. Ever. Plus, Mackenzie can dress Gannon up in a matching pumpkin outfit, and maybe Josh can even get in on that action! You know if he isn't too busy being super-grumpy, trying on cowboy hats, and petting all his horse friends.

What do you think of Mackenzie's Halloween idea? Because if all else fails she can always throw on a pair of Uggs and go as one of the girls from Teen Mom 2.

Source: Twitter