Credit: MTV

After more than a year of not seeing his baby girl, Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann has just reunited with the adorable love child known as Arabella Sekella. Matt and Bellie don't have a super-close relationship thanks to his rift with Teen Mom 3 starlet Alexandria Sekella (not to mention his drug use…), but times are definitely changing. Matt just secured visitation rights with Arabella, and he gets to chill out with her every Wednesday and Saturday — much to the dismay of Alex, who seems less-than-impressed by his sudden interest in their daughter.

Now that Matt has popped back up in Bellie's life, he and Alex have gotten slightly (read: hugely) competitive about who she looks like. First, Alex posted a picture to Twitter where she and Bellie look like the same person (seriously, we have no idea who is who here!), and now Matt's retaliating with his own side-by-side picture, which he captioned "just for those of you who are curious"!

We can definitely see Matt's hunkerific face in Arabella, but let's be real — this sweetheart is the spitting image of her mama, who just so happens to be beautiful. Arabella has amazing genes on both sides of her family, and hopefully her parents will get over the hump and start getting along for their kiddo's sake!

Sob, can't we all just be friends? Kumbaya, you guys. Kumbaya.

Who do you think Arabella looks like — her mom or her dad? Hit the comments and tell us what you think!

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