Credit: MTV

To be honest, this poll should be called "Matt McCann's Chin Strap — Hot or Ridiculously Smokin' Hot?" But maybe (just maybe) there's a possibility that some people aren't into random clusters of hair scattered around a dude's jawline.

Credit: Instagram

We've come face-to-face with many creative facial hair patterns on Teen Mom (never forget Adam Lind's Goatee of Ghastliness), but Matt's might just be our favorite. Because why have a full beard when you could have an extremely thin line of beard-like hair crawling across your face, whispering "hello ladies, come frolic among my roots."

Matt's fiancé, Lekota Koch, appears to be a huge fan of his chin strap, and she showed off an up-close and personal picture of Matt's decorative facial hair with the caption "Chin strap. So sexy. #mattmccann."

With that in mind, the time has come to get your vote on. Please feast your eyes on Matt's avant-garde beard-like hair formation, determine whether you think it's all kinds of sexy, and hit the poll to answer life's age-old question … is this bad boy's chin-strap hot or not?!