Credit: MTV

Teen Mom 3 fans got a first hand glimpse of Katie Yeager's drama-ridden breakup with Joey Maes, but nowadays these two get along relatively well for the sake of their beautiful daughter, Molli.

Katie and Joey share custody of Molli (who sees her dad every other weekend and alternating holidays), and they've more than moved on from their relationship. Which means the time has come to ask the million dollar question: Is Joey single? Because his artistic facial hair and ability to give himself prison tattoos is kind of alluring, just saying.

According to Katie, Joey is not single — but fear not, ladies! You might still have a chance to lock down this stud because he's never in a relationship for long. "He is never single he girlfriend hops," Katie tweeted on November 7.

Apparently, Joey is currently dating a gal who shares his last name, and they've been together for a few weeks now. "Yes he's dating someone," Katie shared on Ustream. "They've been together a month I think."

Sigh, this girl is so lucky. And who knows — maybe we'll meet her during MTV's next season of Teen Mom 3. The network has yet to confirm Season 2, but considering that Season 1 was a huge success we're thinking it's a go!

Are you surprised that Joey hops from gal to gal? Clearly he's having a hard time finding someone who's half as awesome as Katie!