Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann caused fans to have a mild panic attack when he unexpectedly quit Twitter as a response to his ever-increasing number of haters (our Twitter feed is nothing without him, sob!), and things only got worse over the weekend. After giving social media the proverbial middle finger, Matt hopped back online to deliver the following worrisome tweet: "At a hotel, getting away from the world."

As you might expect, Matt's legions of loyal followers clutched their pearls in a panic. This dude has struggled with addiction to hardcore drugs, and it seems like some people were concerned that he might have relapsed.

No way, no how! Matt has been sober for over a year, and he has no intention of using drugs ever again. Sure, he might need a break from the world, but that doesn't mean he's turned his back on sobriety.

"Just so everyone knows, I did NOT relapse or anything like that," Matt assured fans. "Im just taking a break from the drama."

See, guys? No need to worry about this dude! In fact, the only thing you have to worry about is the ever-present fear that he might shave his miraculous chin strap. Otherwise known as the chin-pocalypse.