Credit: MTV

Makeover alert, y'all! Like a moth transforming into a beautiful butterfly, Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann (aka Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy) has transformed into an even studlier stud muffin. Who knew it was even possible? We did, that's who.

Credit: Twitter

So, what has Matt changed about his already-flawless look? No, his unruly crop of orange hair isn't back, and nope, he hasn't taken to wearing tie-dye again (those were the days!), but Matt has shaved his head. This former grifter is completely bald (much like a newborn baby) and we're loving it!

Of course, you're probably flying into a hysterical panic worrying that Matt buzzed off his facial hair. Well, fear not! While it looks like Matt's chin-strap is no longer with us (RIP, old friend), he's still rocking a festive chin-tee — just incase his chin should get chilly during these cold winter months.

By the way, turns out Matt's fiance, Lekota, shaved his head after accidentally making a error while giving him a trim. She's less than thrilled about the results, but we're all about this dude's glistening new noggin! Full hearts, clear eyes, bald head, can't lose.

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