Credit: Instagram

There's no better time than the holidays for bringing families together, and it looks like Santa worked his yuletide magic on Teen Mom 3's resident drama king and queen, Matt McCann and Alexandria Sekella.

Credit: Instagram

These two have made it abundantly clear that they loathe each other, but unfortunately they have to be in communication thanks to the tricky fact that they have a daughter together. Alex has full custody of Arabella thanks to Matt peacing out on her life back when he was a drug addict, but this dude is all about making up for lost time now that he's clean and sober.

Matt went to court for visitation rights, but Alex had said rights stripped because Matt missed a few of his scheduled visits to see Bellie. The good news? It looks like Alex has lightened up, and she even let Arabella spend time with her daddy on Christmas Day. Way to co-parent, guys!

Matt was beyond excited to spend the holidays with this little girl, and basically couldn't stop posting photos of her to Twitter. You can head to his timeline to check out pics of Arabella opening her presents, but our favorite photo has to be one of Matt proudly holding a Disney princess painting while Arabella adorably frowns at him.

"She was making the BEST faces at me!" Matt captioned the pic. "Peep this awesome painting we got her."

So, where was Alex during Matt and Arabella's Xmas hang sesh? She was there too — and somehow managed not to fly into a rage at the sight of Matt in her house! Progress, guys.

"We ignored each other," Matt tweeted. "It was all good."

Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful co-parenting relationship between Matt and Alex. Or at least the start of them being able to be in the same room as each other.