Credit: Twitter

Looks like former Teen Mom 3 stars Alexandria Sekella and Matt McCann might be mending fences, guys! This once-happy couple have been on terrible terms since the arrival of their daughter, Arabella, and Matt's drug addiction definitely didn't help matters. However, this dude is currently clean, sober, and taking responsibility for his life (he even has a new job!), and he's completely committed to being a great father to Bellie.

Credit: Twitter

Matt's interest in Arabella's life has understandably been met with resistance from Alex, and she hasn't exactly been on board with him seeking out visitation rights. That being said, Alex and Matt seem to spend less and less time sub-tweeting each other, so maybe they're giving this whole co-parenting thing another whirl!

Either way, Matt presumably got his visitation schedule reinstated, because he's hot off the heels of an emotional visit with Bellie, which definitely made his day.

"The best feeling in the world is when your daughter runs down the stairs screaming 'daddy' And jumps into your arms," Matt tweeted on February 12, shortly before posting an adorable photo of Belly during their hang sesh.

Awww, these two! While we understand why Alex has issues with Matt, it seems like this guy has a great relationship with his daughter, and they mutually benefit from seeing one another.

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