Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram

If there's one thing we learned from MTV's short-lived docu-drama, Teen Mom 3, it's that men in cowboy hats and chaps are sexy. Case in point, Josh McKee, the show's resident stud, who makes his living riding around on bucking broncos and looking hunky.

Josh is addicted to angry horses like we're addicted to Doritos, but his studly profession is all kinds of dangerous. In fact, he recently got into yet another rodeo accident! Josh's wife, Mackenzie Douthit, took to Instagram to tell fans about her man's latest injuries (which are thankfully minor).

"Proud to say I’m married to one tough cowboy,” Mackenzie writes. “After getting hung up in his riggen for a good minute and being kicked in the face and a broken nose later he came out of the arena with a smile. I love him so much."

We're glad that Josh is OK, but slightly surprised by how supportive Mackenzie is being about his injuries! Josh's obsession with the rodeo has been a huge source of contention in their marriage. In fact, this gal has made it pretty clear that she wants her man to get a job that won't, you know, potentially break his back. Oh well, looks like Josh got his way on this one!

Are you surprised to hear that he's still performing in the local rodeo? Let's just hope this dude stays safe and stops getting "hung up in his riggen," or whatever that means...