Did Katie Yeager Stop Breastfeeding When She Broke Up With Joey Maes?
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Katie Yeager

Did Katie Yeager Stop Breastfeeding When She Broke Up With Joey Maes?

If there's one thing Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager is known for it's her love for breastfeeding. This Wyoming native is a huge advocate of "breast is best," and she breastfed her daughter, Molli, for a full 16 months.

So, what happened to Molli's eating schedule when Katie and her baby daddy, Joey, separated? This gal was so committed to her darling daughter's nutrition that she sent Joey home with bottles of breast milk!

"I ended up having to send pumped milk with him and she breastfed when I had her," Katie tweeted on November 4.

This might seem overkill, but keep in mind that breastfeeding has countless benefits. Not only does it reduce risks of obesity, it boosts up children's immune systems and prevents them from getting sick!

"Sometimes I wish I could still breastfeed her!" Katie recently revealed. "It's one thing that I've always said: at least try. I sometimes would cry because I was so happy. That's one thing that I gave my daughter. After I got through the first month, which was like the worst ever, I would cry and cry and cry — and once I got over that rough patch, I was like, I love this. I want to breastfeed forever!"

Katie even donated her breast milk to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, and also plans on designing a "sexy nursing bra."

Sigh, one more reason to love this girl.