Should Farrah Abraham Get a Pixie Cut?
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Farrah Abraham

Should Farrah Abraham Get a Pixie Cut?

We all know how much Farrah Abraham loves a makeover. She's basically Cher from Clueless only a porn star. This gal has switched up her look more times than we can count, and she's constantly popping implants in and out of her chin! Meanwhile, her breasts have morphed into flotation devices, and don't even get us started on her new lip injections. But Farrah's latest style switcheroo? Homegirl is thinking about getting a pixie cut!

"I was just seeing Pamela Anderson has a pixie cut and looks very good looking with a pixie cut," Farrah mused on Keek. "So I was just thinking, like, should we all go and get pixie cuts? Because it is turning into a trend."

Yes, Farrah. We should all go get pixie cuts because Pamela Anderson has one. In fact, we're hacking our hair off as we write this.

Farrah seems all kinds of influenced by everyone's favorite Baywatch babe, and we're slightly concerned that she might actually follow through with her sinister threats to cut her hair. We're all about pixie cuts, but Farrah's lips circa Right Now are so enormous — she definitely needs big hair to balance them out!

Do you think our girl Farrah should head to the salon and chop off her brunette locks of love, or should she stick with her tumbling tresses? At this point, her hair is the only natural thing on her body, so...

Source: Keek