‘Teen Mom’ Net Worth: How Much Money Do The MTV Reality Stars Make?
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Teen Mom

‘Teen Mom’ Net Worth: How Much Money Do The MTV Reality Stars Make?


Being on a successful reality TV franchise instantly makes you rich, right?

Actually, you’d be surprised at the net worths of the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 casts. The girls are not exactly living in the lap of luxury like, say, the Real Housewives, but they’re certainly no paupers, either, and have come a long way financially since they each reportedly earned a measly $5,000 salary for 16 & Pregnant.

According to widespread reports, the Teen Mom 2 girls have each earned about $75,000 per season, plus another $20K or so in bonuses. That equates to about $100,000 per season, multiplied by 7, since they’re currently filming Season 7. Yes, that’s a whole lot of dough. The OGs are rumored to make even more!


The four original Teen Mom gals supposedly get the same amount of money per 13-episode season (and possibly negotiated even more for the first and current run of Teen Mom OG). 

Still, based on these numbers, here’s where the 4 OGs and 4 TM2s make their livings aside from the show, with the young moms ranked from least to most money they’re worth overall.

ALSO: Note these are just estimates and none of the girls have confirmed these stats — okay, proceed!

Maci Bookout

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How she earns money: Like Catelynn, Maci gets paid for speaking engagements about her experience as a teen mom. She also has a few product endorsements, wrote the New York Times best-selling book, Bulletproof, and recently started up her own social media company. Plus, her husband, Taylor McKinney, purchased a clothing line, TTMLifestyle.com, which has been growing by leaps and bounds.
What she pays for: Maci and Taylor purchased their first house last year in the $300,000 range, before selling it and buying a larger one for their growing family. They also pay expenses towards their businesses, have two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, and of course three children, Bentley, Jayde and Maverick.
Child support: Ryan Edwards gives his ex support money for Bentley each month, and we’re going to assume his parents, Jenn and Larry — with whom Maci is very close — contribute, too.
Total net worth: ~ $10,000

Amber Portwood

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How she earns money: The Indiana gal wrote a memoir, Never Too Late, and went on a joint book tour with Kailyn Lowry last summer. Plus, she and fiancé Matt just started up a house-flipping business, which she says has been a relatively lucrative venture thus far.
What she pays for: Amber pays Gary Shirley monthly child support since he has had custody of Leah since her imprisonment in 2012. She also has house expenses, tons of pets, and legal fees to pay for, since she’s often in court fighting her ex for more time with her daughter. The now-sober mom is no longer spending her hard-earned cash on drugs, but likely paid a pretty penny for her "mommy makeover."
Child support:  See above
Total net worth: ~ $10,000

Catelynn Lowell

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How she earns money: Though Cate is a stay-at-home mom and husband Tyler Baltierra has admitted he doesn’t yet know what he wants to do with his life outside of reality TV, they’re doing fine financially. The couple makes money with speaking engagements on adoption, they appeared on Season 3 of VH1’s Couples Therapy, and released their memoir, Conquering Chaos, in 2015.
What she pays for: The Baltierras bought their first house Michigan before upgrading to a different home on a larger piece of land. Plus, they support their almost 2-year-old daughter, Nova. It’s not known who footed the bill for their August 2015 wedding.
Child support: None! Can you believe these two are the only Teen Mom couple still together?!
Total net worth: ~ $20,000

Kailyn Lowry

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How she earns money: Kail’s a full-time student so she’s probably spending more than she makes from non TV-related endeavors, but she’s earned a pretty penny from her three books: Pride Over Pity, Love is Bubblegum, and Hustle & Heart. She does the occasional product shill, too.
What she pays for: She shells out money for her kids, her tuition at Delaware State University, and her gorgeous home in Delaware, though now ex-husband Javi Marroquin pitches in thanks to his decently-paying job in the Air Force. She also got a discount on her plastic surgery, so that must be nice, but we're sure those divorce fees weren't cheap!
Child support:  Ex Jo Rivera is supposed to give her money for Isaac, but admitted on the Season 6 reunion show that he doesn’t have a job (by choice), so yeah.
Total net worth: ~ $25,000

Jenelle Evans

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How she earns money: Reality TV aside, Jenelle makes big bucks promoting diet products on Instagram, benefits from the occasional club appearance, and is working on her first book, which will certainly bring in some cash. She also has a degree in Medical Assisting, but hasn’t put it into practice just yet.
What she pays for: Other than her kids, you mean? The Myrtle Beach native owns a house with boyfriend David Eason, recently purchased a swanky new car, and continues to have to pay tons of fees to her lawyers no thanks to her incessant legal troubles. She also seems to spend quite a lot of cash on vacations
Child support: Technically, Nathan Griffith is supposed to be paying her a monthly stipend to contribute to their son, Kaiser, but Jenelle covers most of the toddler’s costs herself. However, her mom, Barbara Evans, helps out with Jace since she still has primary custody of the 6-year-old.
Total net worth:  ~ $30,000

Leah Messer


How she earns money: Leah is basically the only cast member to not have a legitimate job or career path right now. She also doesn’t get paid to hawk products on social media like many of her co-stars. We guess the silver lining of her divorces, though, is that she now has child support coming in from both her ex-husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, the latter of whom makes a great living as a pipeline engineer.
What she pays for: She certainly contributes to her daughters’ expenses though, especially Ali, whose muscular dystrophy condition means thousands of dollars in medical bills.
Child support: See above
Total net worth: ~ $50,000

Chelsea Houska

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How she earns money: Sure, she makes a few bucks by promoting items such as waist-trainers on Instagram, but the majority of Chelsea’s cash comes from her real life job as an aesthetician at a local spa in South Dakota. She was also lucky that her dentist dad, Randy Houska, helped out financially when she was a teenager raising Aubree all by herself.
What she pays for: Almost everything for Aubree, plus Chels owns the house that she, husband Cole Deboer, and Aubree live in. Not to mention, she and Cole likely paid for most if not all of their fall 2016 wedding.
Child support:  Adam Lind is basically useless when it comes to everything child support, but he reportedly does give Chels a little bit of money each month towards their daughter. Emphasis on the "little."
Total net worth: ~ $60,000

Farrah Abraham

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How she earns money: Let us count the ways Farrah rakes in the dough: She is still making royalties off her infamous sex tape, which spawned a line of sex toys and a trilogy of erotic novels. She also gets paid for appearances at clubs and parties all over the country (Las Vegas in particular), and recently announced she is starting to stage homes with the help of her possibly on-again real estate maven beau, Simon Saran. She also owns three local businesses; a frozen yogurt shop, a children's boutique and a furniture store.
What she pays for: Farrah bought her Austin, Texas home for a reported $750,000 so there’s tons of expenses towards the house, even though she’s trying to sell it to move to Los Angeles. There’s also those numerous plastic surgery procedures, though she’s admitted to getting a discount in return for publicizing the doctors on social media.
Child support: None, since Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood passed away in a car accident before she was born. Farrah occasionally gives parental support, though, often helping out her mom and dad financially (when she’s not yelling at them, that is).
Total net worth: ~ $1,000,000

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