Amber Portwood Confirms Matt Baier Split, Says Other Guys Are “Trying” to Date Her
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Amber Portwood Confirms Matt Baier Split, Says Other Guys Are “Trying” to Date Her


The best part about a season of Teen Mom coming to an end is watching the cast reflect back on some of the most standout moments — and boy, were there a lot of those this season.

In the annual “Ask the Moms” special, which aired on July 10 after Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber Portwood gets candid about her ups and downs of the past few episodes, calling Matt Baier’s Las Vegas behavior “disgusting” and revealing she’s ready to date again (!!!), among other things.

Perhaps the most disturbing scene of the whole season (aside from Ryan Edwards nodding off at the wheel) was in Las Vegas, when Matt asked Amber to elope.

She declined, saying she wanted her family there for her wedding, and he went off on a tirade, calling her brother a “f—king f—got” and later asked producer Kerthy to keep the Amber/Matt wedding drama off the show, regardless of who she’d have to give “oral pleasure” to.


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Yeah, ew.

One of the scenes for the Ask the Moms special shows Amber, Maci, Catelynn and their men watching back the scene before filming that episode’s After Show, and literally everyone was just as disgusted as you probably were while watching it.

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"I didn't know he was talking like that. I had no f—king clue,” Amber tells host Nessa of the scene.

“All I felt was anger, especially talking about my family like that, my brother.

“He's like the closest to me, no. It was, I was so f—king mad. I remember just staring at him like...furious. It was hard.

“I couldn’t believe it but people got to see a side of him that I see but I didn’t know he was talking like that to my f—king director.

“That’s disgusting. You sound like a piece of shit.''

She continues, “Talking about oral pleasure, who the f—k are you talking to, dude? That’s a woman. You need to have respect.

“He was so f—king fake. He came back and gave me a kiss.”


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And though there were lots of final straws that broke this relationship’s back, Leah’s mom admits rewatching that scene in particular was the beginning of the end for her.

“I just said, finally, we’re not engaged anymore. Marriage is a big deal to me. I don’t ever wanna get divorced.”

A fan in the audience even asks the 27-year-old if she’s spent time apart from Matt since the incident — and if she’s willing to hop back into the dating pool!



“I'm here alone, he’s not with me,” she replies of filming in New York.

“I’ve been here for almost a week now and I'm okay. There are guys out there that have been trying to talk to me and they’re f—king cute.”

Get it, girl!


She concludes that Matt working on himself is the only way she’ll consider taking him back.

“He has to get help with his lying and everything that's going on or we're not going to be able to be together,” she says, making no mention of their recent stint on Marriage Boot Camp.


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“He has a choice to be with me or not and the choice is going to therapy and getting help.”

And if you’re still wondering what the status is about Amber and Matt’s sex tape, she totally puts the kibosh on that rumor.

“First of all I’m not doing a porn,” she says angrily in response to a fan question about it.

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“Second of all, I never talked shit about Farrah doing porn, find that clip then. I said she should come back to the show!

“I was the very first one [from Teen Mom] to be asked to do a porn and I said no. Then they asked Farrah and she f—king did it.

“It’s true that I met with [Vivid Entertainment’s Steve Hirsch], but I didn't do a porn. You guys just can’t read everything and be like, this is fact. Be smart.”

Speaking of Farrah, the girls yet again address Ms. Abraham’s absence, which for some reason we’re still talking about almost a year after that big Season 6 reunion show altercation.

“Farrah, she deserves love like anybody else but she...however, I think something's going on,” she says diplomatically.

“Something's wrong with her. It’s like, what the hell? Do you want real friends that actually care about you or do you wanna just keep hanging out with those cheap ass chicks you’re riding around in your car with?”



Uh, sorry, Paola!

“I just really want her to be happy, she’s got support around her. She just needs to stop talking shit.”

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Amber knows what’s up!

Do you think Amber is ready to date again? Or will she take Matt back after therapy and forgive his disgusting Las Vegas behavior? Tell us in the comments!

Teen Mom 2 premieres Monday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.