Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood on Twitter: “You Planned Your Pregnancy”
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Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood on Twitter: “You Planned Your Pregnancy”


Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood’s feud is only getting worse.

It’s no secret these two have traded insults back and forth for years, but this latest Twitter feud is out of control.

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber revealed she is expecting a baby with boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Gary Shirley, Amber’s original baby daddy, wasn’t too thrilled to hear about her baby news.

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“She should have waited. She should have taken more time with Leah and focused on her responsibility of being a mother before jumping into a relationship,” he told his wife Kristina Anderson.

“From day one I’ve been a parent. My issues never came and stopped me from being a dad. I don’t have the option to not be a parent, but you could go off and do what you want to do.”


He continued, “There is on person that’s not okay with it and that’s Leah.”

According to Gary, the mother of one only saw their daughter Leah twice over the summer.


In fact, their little girl told Gary, “Mommy don’t [sic] come around because she’s too depressed, but then all of a sudden she brings over Andrew.

“If she was too depressed to see me why wasn’t she too depressed to find a new man.”

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The scene seemed to get Farrah riled up because she called out Amber on Twitter.

“Amber just f—king admit you planned your pregnancy lmao this is so pathetic,” she tweeted.

“F—K TEEN MOM! Enjoy the bonus for your new kid and pay your owed child support!”

The mother of one then thanked Gary for calling out Amber.

“Claps to [Gary]...I was depressed. I was a single parent. You said it straight Gary. Worst mom award Amber.”

Before the episode aired, Amber went on a Twitter rant and even called out MTV!

“I've been on this show for 10 years. I've been through hell! MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life,” she shared.  

“Apparently my life is just for people to tell me how horrible I am as a mother because I went through depression!”


Yikes! Whose side are you on?