\'Teen Mom OG\' Recap: Ryan Edwards Leaves Rehab Early, Fights With Maci Over Bentley
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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Ryan Edwards Leaves Rehab Early, Fights With Maci Over Bentley


Ryan Edwards is a free man after finishing treatment — but is he a new man, too? Probably not.

On Teen Mom OG's December 4 episode, Maci Bookout's ex is visibly sober and happier after finishing treatment, but he's back to his same old tricks with his ex, threatening her about seeing Bentley and starting up a family feud that's unlike anything we've ever seen before between these two.

And yes, the word "court" is brought up, too!

First, we learn Bentley's dad left treatment after 21 days instead of 30 because of good behavior, not because he quit.

"So you were there 21 days. You didn't leave early, you just graduated early," his wife Mackenzie says.

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"The 9 days that I was there [in detox], they gave me medicine to get me off the shit I was on. I went to classes."

But after Ryan thanks his wife for helping him and talks to her about his after care plan, he starts going for Maci.

"I'm gonna just show up and ask her what the hell's the problem? I'm so over her ass," he tells his family after his ex doesn't return his calls or texts. 

"I just feel bad for Bentley because it's rough over there on him. Every time that he comes over here he talks about how much they make him do... 8 years old, just let him be a kid and play. Watching the babies, having to clean up and bull crap. That's not fair. I couldn't imagine if you and dad did that to me."


He continues, "No matter what I'll do I'll never be able to please her. I'm just tired of her having full control. It's my weekend and I've been gone for a freaking month and she doesnt have any respect to have him come over here. I'm doing fine, so..."

Meanwhile, back at the McKinney household...

The mom of three is pissed she hasn't been kept in the loop at all about her baby daddy's treatment and especially annoyed that all she got was a few threatening texts when he returned home.

"Literally in my mind, the whole time he was there I was thinking like, he needs to be in there for a LONG time. Like six months to a year even. I was never kept in the loop with anything to do with it... I don't even know what place he went to. Noone would tell me."



She then tells her husband Taylor she's thinking of letting Bentley see Ryan, Jen and Larry on Father's Day, because Bentley asked to do so.

"Ryan hasn't asked me... all he's done is threaten me for three days about seeing his child. We haven't even talked to each other and you just got out of rehab!

"20 whole days. 20 whole days of what? I don't even want to get into that. H'es like, 'I'm gonna show up to your house and I'll come get him myself.' Show up here, please!"

Maci then makes the decision to schedule Bentley and Ryan's first meeting without the cameras around, but by the way she retells it to her hubby, it does not go well.

Maci says, 'Ryan tells, me, 'I'm okay... but I got a problem with your husband.' I've got about a hundred thousand problems with your snake of a wife but this isn't about her or me, it's about your f—king son!"


And then comes the "c" word.

"I said 'okay I'm done. He said 'okay well I'll see you in court!' And I laughed at him. I said 'I'll see you in court too buddy, good luck. That judge isn't going to give you half of what I've given you.'

"That's gonna be my downfall in court. Because I have been so generous. The only thing I can do is say, 'okay Ryan, you can get two hours a week as his father. That's it. And you have to pass a drug test and we need to be there. You gotta build the trust back.'"

Meanwhile, Ry tells his side of the encounter and sees things a little bit differently.

"She seems very jealous and unhappy. What she needs to do is learn how to handle the men in her life. First we're going to go to mediation and if it's not the date, place and time that I agree to, we're going to go to court! I'll hire every damn lawyer in Chattanooga. But I will win this."

Then Larry comes to his and his son's defense when producers bring up an incident Taylor told them about earlier, where he "screamed and lost his mind" at one of Benny's recent baseball games.

"I think shes still in love with you," Larry tells his son, before looking at the camera crew and saying, "One day you're all gonna know the damn truth. You gonna know the damn truth. And so will Bentley."

The episode ends with Ryan nearly in tears.


What does it mean? To what truth is he referring? Will Maci and Ryan ever recover from this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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