Tyler Has Another Issue With Carly’s Adoptive Parents in ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek
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Tyler Has Another Issue With Carly’s Adoptive Parents in ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek


The struggle with Brandon and Teresa is real as we begin Teen Mom OG Season 6.

In a new promo clip for Sunday’s all-new episode — airing right before the MTV VMAs — Tyler expresses his concerns with Carly’s adoptive parents not letting them discuss her adoption on the show.

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Season 5 showed the Davis’s not allowing the reality TV couple to publicly share pictures of Carly, but now they don’t want them to talk about her, either!

“If they say, ‘we don’t want you talking about the adoption at all on TV’ then we’re going to have lots of issues,” he says.

“I will not sacrifice my voice and what I think and what I can and cannot talk about on my daily life and my personal life. Cameras or no cameras.”

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Catelynn gets upset that he is being selfish by willing to sacrifice their relationship with their daughter just so he can voice his opinion...but let’s hope they resolve this problem quickly this time!

Over in Tennessee, Maci tells Ryan and his parents that she’s expecting again, to which Ryan hilariously responds, “Damn, I thought you was gettin’ fat. I didn’t wanna say anything!” Class act, bro.

Amber finally gets acquainted with some of Matt’s relatives by meeting his cousin and his wife. But why is Matt being so sketchy when it comes to his future wife getting introduced to his mom?!

And then there’s Farrah, who’s gearing up for a colonoscopy — even though, yes, she’s only 25 — with a survival kit from her mom, Debra, who’s been there, done that.

Thanks for the heads up that her ass is going to explode, Deb!