‘Teen Mom OG’ Finale Recap: Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Get Married!
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‘Teen Mom OG’ Finale Recap: Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Get Married!


We love a Teen Mom season that ends on a happy note, so we owe some major thanks to Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney right about now.

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The final episode of Season 6 features their stunning Florida wedding that may or may not have us tearing. We can’t help it that their kids are so cute!


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Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra, also move forward in a big way, while Amber Portwood undergoes her “mommy makeover.”

Read on for our recap of the eventful finale, and stay tuned to Wetpaint for the deets on the dramatic two-part reunion special!

Amber Gets a Painful Mommy Makeover

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Amber is gearing up for her mommy makeover, but first she partakes in a photoshoot for the cover of Matt’s upcoming book.

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"I just wish it could’ve waited,” she tells Matt of the photoshoot. “My double chin...I just don't wanna look fat on his book cover.”

When producers press Amb for specifics on the procedure, she declines on what specifically she’s having done, but admits the surgery will make her look (and feel) like a better version of herself.

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"I'm not trying to look like Farrah or anybody like that. I'm trying to look like Amber whose body never went back to where it was. It’'s going to be natural.” Oh, the shade.

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Despite her nerves about going under the knife, the 26-year-old goes through with the surgery — which includes a serious breast lift that Matt is gross about — and seems thrilled with her decision.

“Not one thing on my body looks the same except for my face,” she says mere hours into recovery. “Well, and my butt.”

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Once home, she adds, "I am happy about this. When the swelling goes down...I can finally see my body again. It was hard. Doing all these reunion shows and stuff, I like to dress the way I dress and it's hard when you don't look the way you want to."

Side note: Look at all that bruising! We sure as hell hope all that pain is worth it.


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Farrah Finally Meets Debra’s Boyfriend

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And uh, let’s just say David fits right in. Without knowing Farrah for even five minutes, he goes right into telling her how mean she is to her mother. I mean, the guy’s not wrong, but still.

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“I’ve watched Teen Mom and it hurts me because I know her,” David tells Farrah and Simon. “I’m like ergh, ergh. Why are they doing that to her? Beating her up. Negative things.”

But Farrah gets defensive, as anyone would in this situation.

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“Farrah, I’m just being honest,” he says. “You want me to tell you honestly? I'll be honest. Simon and Farrah, the engagement ring...not a good thing. That's for a couple to choose, not somebody to choose for somebody else."

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Oh, so now he’s bringing up that infamous engagement ring Farrah purchased for herself?!

"Simon and I are just friends right now,” Farrah retorts. “But you know what? Whatever guy I do marry, that guy is definitely going to… pick something out with my daughter."

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Then tears start flowing and David tries to cheer Farrah up with a hug, but Simon is not here for it.

“He mind f—d you to where you're putting s—t on me now,” Simon says once Deb and David leave.

"He's a con and that's where I'm going to leave it at. I'm done with this conversation."

Farrah & Debra Make Another Attempt at Therapy

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And boy, do they need it after that awkward double date.

Dr. Jenn agrees “the timing was horrific” for David to get involved in Farrah and Debra’s business, but Farrah finally takes some responsibility too, admitting she knows she talks to people in an offensive way.

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Dr. Jenn also tells Farrah she’s “entitled” by being so mean to her mom who’s just trying to help her with her business ventures, and they both need to communicate better.

“I’m aware and I work on that,” Farrah says.

“I think you need to try harder,” Dr. Jenn fights back.

Hey, there’s always next season to make improvements, right? Baby steps!

Tyler’s Dad Butch is Back in Jail

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Just when we thought things would end on a happy note for Catelynn and Tyler after their helluva season — rehab, anyone?! — Tyler gets a phone call that his dad, Butch, is back in jail.

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“Guess what? Dad’s in jail,” he tells his confused wife.

“He missed his parole meeting for the first time. Isn't that a little weird? He never misses his parole meeting.

“He said they violated him, whatever, put him in jail. I don’t know what’s going on.”


Turns out we (and the Baltierras) get very little additional information on the situation, but you’ll be happy to know that IRL, Butch is now out of jail and back home. Phew!

So with Butch in the slammer and Nova staying with Catelynn’s mom, April, Catelynn and Tyler set out for Florida for Maci & Taylor’s wedding...

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Maci & Taylor Get Married!

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While getting ready for the ceremony, we see the couple exchange gifts — Maci gets a diamond tennis bracelet and Taylor gets a Rolex. TTM business must be good, eh?

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The rest of the lead-up to the ceremony is pretty anti-climactic.

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But we get some serious feels once they start exchanging their vows.

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"I was a single mom with a hidden heart, a redhead with a built-in attitude, a sarcastic, stubborn young woman trying to beat the odds with the entire world watching my every move,” the bride says at the altar.

“I wondered which part of my story would scare you away first, but you never ran away and you never doubted us."

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After a touching ceremony, it’s reception time, and trust us when we tell you Maci is psyched to party.

"Don't champagne shower because I wanna drink the champagne!” she tells her hubby, before directing her party guests to the open bar.

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And the party looks legit fun — the groom even surprises his bride with an exclusive performance video from the Josh Abbott band!

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Credit: MTV    

The wedding then wraps with some romantic fireworks and with Mackenzie, Ryan’s girlfriend, catching the bouquet, to which Maci laughs, “good luck!”

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And TBH there’s no better way to have ended this season.

Congrats, you crazy kids!

Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion airs Monday, December 5 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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