See Simon & Farrah Instigate the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Brawl in Reunion Sneak Peek
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See Simon & Farrah Instigate the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Brawl in Reunion Sneak Peek


Alright, Teen Mom OG fans. The entire season has been leading up to this epic reunion show brawl we’ve read so much about, and we’re finally going to watch it all go down in Part 2 of the Season 6 finale special.

We’ve earned it!

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And in a sneak peek for the bound-to-be-epic episode, we see exactly what — well, who — instigates the fight.

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In a snippet from Farrah Abraham’s segment, she’s joined by Simon Saran. Dr. Drew Pinsky brings up his infamous Snapchats, in which he pokes fun at the entire cast during the episodes.

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“These people make themselves vulnerable,” Simon says.

“They give you ammo to talk about them which is kinda funny. I don’t mean no disrespect and some people got hurt about it but it was all in fun.”

Dr. Drew then asks if this means Simon is a “troll,” and Farrah interjects.

“He’s not being an Amber or being a Maci or being a Catelynn,” she responds. “Saying you’re going to beat somebody’s ass, you’re going to create fights. Simon’s not even doing that.”


The host then brings up the pedophile comments he made about Matt Baier. Yes, he goes there.

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Simon insists “it’s all in fun” but Farrah keeps it going, adding, “well, Matt looks like it.”

The sneak peek cuts off shortly afterwards, but we’re sure the next few seconds will see Amber Portwood popping in from backstage to say — and show — her piece!

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Though obviously the fight is the main attraction of the episode, Maci Bookout’s segment will also air, and this clip of Ryan Edwards getting choked up about his relationship with parents is bringing us to tears.


“I felt bad for mom too and I didn’t wanna be mad at dad,” he tells Dr. Drew when asked why he apologized to his dad after their fight. And yes, those are actual tears.

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Seriously, have you ever seen Bentley’s dad show this much emotion in the seven years he’s been on this show?!

Watch both promos above, and tune into Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion show on Monday, December 5 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, followed by Catelynn & Tyler’s new special, ReUnited, at 10 p.m. ET.

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