Maci Wants Ryan to Get Help for His Alleged Drug Addiction in \'Teen Mom OG\' Sneak Peek
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Maci Wants Ryan to Get Help for His Alleged Drug Addiction in ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek


Maci Bookout is seriously concerned for her ex Ryan Edwards, who’s now allegedly in rehab.

In recent episodes of Teen Mom OG, Maci has opened up about her suspicions that her ex is addicted to drugs and it looks like she’s finally going to do something about it.

On this week’s episode, Maci reaches out to a professional for help.

In the clip from the June 19 episode, Maci calls her counselor Edward ahead of her appointment to ask for some advice about “helping an addict.”

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“I’m not exactly sure what it is he’s using, but sometimes he’ll fall asleep while you’re trying to have a conversation with him,” she explains.

When asked if she’d issue Ryan an ultimatum, the mom of the three says she would.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that,” she says about the possibility of keeping Ryan from his son, Bentley.

In another sneak peek, Catelynn Lowell and her hubby Tyler Baltierra are on the hunt for a new home and they may have just found it.

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Driving around the potential home, both of Nova’s parents are immediately in love with it.

“It’s way prettier than in its pictures,” Catelynn exclaims. “It’s gorgeous.”

“Wrap around porch all the way around it,” Tyler adds. “That’s a beautiful house.”

While Catelynn and Tyler look for the perfect home for their family, Farrah Abraham learns they’ll be a new addition to hers.

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Her mother Debra and now fiancé Dr. David Mertz revealed they’re engaged and Debra wants Farrah to be her maid of honor.

“That’s a big deal,” Farrah says of the honor. “That’s a lot of responsibility on the maid of honor, isn’t it?”

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Though Farrah doesn't give a yes or no answer, she is shocked to hear just how soon her mom is planning on getting married.

“[Debra’s] talking October, November,” David reveals.

“Of this year?” Farrah asks. “It’s April.”

The reality star also isn’t too happy to hear her mom wants to have the wedding in Bora Bora.

Watch the sneak peeks above and tune into a new episode of Teen Mom OG Monday, June 19 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.