Farrah Abraham on Parenting: “I’m the Coolest Mom Ever!”
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham on Parenting: “I’m the Coolest Mom Ever!”

Farrah Abraham has her fair share of haters (how can anyone not love her?), but all of them are rendered irrelevant thanks to her number one fangirl, Sophia Abraham. Yep, Farrah's daughter loves her unconditionally — no matter how big or small her chin is — and apparently Soph thinks her mom is the coolest ever. At least according to Farrah.

Check out this former Teen Mom's latest gift to the internet, a Keek video in which she's dropping Sophia off at school and reflecting on how fabulous she is.

"Hellooooo Keekers, look who is the coolest mommy ever," Farrah enthused. "I made a cupcake on Sophia's little face for school and she's wearing her cute little baby crown!"

Awww, how adorable. Of course, we're slightly distracted from how cool Farrah is by the fact that her lips are 3x their normal size, but whatever. There's no denying that Farrah has remained an active presence in Sophia's life despite the fact that she spends about half her time touring strip clubs and molding her lady parts, and we're sure Sophia will cherish these memories.

After all, it's only a matter of time before this little lady realizes her mom is a porn star and feels slightly iffy about her childhood!

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Source: Keek