Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit Still Has Six Pack — See Her Growing Bump! (PHOTO)
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Mackenzie Douthit

Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit Still Has Six Pack — See Her Growing Bump! (PHOTO)

It's no secret that Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is a lean, mean cheering machine. This sweetheart is a professional tumbler and yoga-enthusiast, so you better believe she's rocking a smoking hot body. Between Mackenzie's nonstop fitness regime and her healthy diet (no sugar!), she has a pretty impressive six pack, and she's still showing off her abdominal muscles despite being a whopping six months pregnant!

Mackenzie is expecting her second baby with her husband, Josh McKee, and her baby bump is poppin'. But guys? Leave it up to this girl to have rock-hard abs despite the bun in her oven. Mackenzie shared a picture of her bare baby bump on Instagram along with the caption "Lol at the fact that you can still see my muscles; ) this is what a tumblers pregnant belly looks like."

We have no words, except of course for "hdjsadhsja."

Mackenzie looks absolutely amazing, and judging from this picture she hasn't lost any of her core strength due to her pregnancy. We have a sneaky feeling that this cowgirl won't have trouble bouncing back to her former skinny self after she pops out of her kiddo in a few months — in fact, she'll probably have a six pack within hours of labor.

Are you as blown away by Mackenzie's washboard baby bump as we are? Sigh, some ladies have all the luck. Mackenzie's arch-enemy, Satan, is so jealous right now.

Source: Instagram